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    2 hour Maldives Submarine Tour from Male'

    The Maldives

    Whale Submarine in Maldives

    They say that the ocean is a beautiful and mysterious place. Filled with mesmerizing aquatic life and vibrant corals, visiting the depths of the sea is often described as escaping into another world. 

    2 hour Maldives submarine tour from MaleFor those of you who’ve been to Maldives, you know that it’s a country surrounded by the ocean. You’ve seen the vast sea stretching to infinity. You’ve been mesmerized by the shades of blue and the crystal clear water of the country, which is known for its beauty throughout the globe. But have you ever explore the underwater world of Maldives? And we don’t just mean scuba diving and snorkeling. Well, this is where the Whale Submarine Maldives comes into place.

    Whale Submarine Maldives -  Largest Passenger Submarine

    Whale Submarine Maldives is currently the largest passenger submarine operating in Maldives. It can dive up to 150 meters in depth allowing you to explore the ocean thoroughly. Equipped with air-conditioning and 50 seats the spacious Whale Submarine in Maldives ensures that you have the smoothest and the most comfortable experience possible.

    Being the largest and the only passenger submarine in Asia is a factor that makes the Whale Submarine Maldives quite unique. It offers an experience which you cannot get anywhere else in the world. With over 8500 dives, 6000 hours, and 16 years of experience, you are guaranteed to have an ecstatic time exploring the corners of the ocean.

    Whale Submarine Maldives Tours - Unique Maldives Experience 

    45-minutes of cruising through the waters filled with tropical gardens and exotic marine life, your underwater Maldives experience will be like nothing you’ve experienced before. At first, the Whale Submarine Maldives will submerge 25 meters below the ocean. You will be greeted by a display of colorful and vibrant corals accompanied by diverse species of reef fish. Then the submarine will continue to descend into the reef submerge 45 meters below the surface.

    At this submarine excursion in Maldives, you will see blue and yellow stripped tunas swimming in schools. The lion-fish, yellow boxfish and sea turtles are also a common sight. Seeing these aquatic marine life bringing colors and liveliness into the ocean as you sit back relax and enjoy the ride is a luxury not to be taken for granted.

    An excursion in the Whale Submarine Maldives is not only about wandering aimlessly without setting any specific destination. Located at 500 meters west of Male’ you get to visit Tear Drop Reef. Featuring underwater caves and filled with black corals, the Tear Drop Reef is home to over 100 species of fish and habituated sea turtles. You also get to visit the Sea Fan Garden of Maathila, thriving with aquatic life, which is another spectacular diving site. 

    To make the excursion even more exciting, the Whale Submarine Maldives stops at two different shipwreck sites. The Maldives Victory Shipwreck site, and the Shipwreck of Fuku Maru which was discovered recently. Shipwrecks bring the excursion a bit of character while the reefs and gardens make you ‘awe’ in amazement. With the exciting and diverse dive sites, your journey at the Whale Submarine in Maldives will certainly be thrilling

    How To Book Whale Submarine Maldives Tours

    Regarding the transportation to the submarine, you can go to the Sales Counter at Velana International Airport or the President Jetty (Jetty Number one) in Male’ City. The transfer is free and you are advised to check-in either to the Male’ Office or Airport Sales counter one hour before the dive.

    For are a reasonable price, Whale Submarine Maldives allows you to explore the depths of the Indian Ocean. As you sit in the air-conditioned atmosphere of the submarine, peeping through the window to see the wonders of the ocean, you will realize that this is a once in a lifetime experience impossible to forget. Book Whale Submarine in Maldives for and experience that you will not regret.

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