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    Festivals in Maldives

    The Maldives

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    Festivals in Maldives

    Maldivians have great national pride. In all festival planning a feeling of family is sensed as women, men, and children share in the preparation of food, decoration, and entertainment programmes. Most celebrations will find a blending of tradition and modern entertainment. Folk dances and music using wooden instruments may be followed by modern jazz or pop music. People from all professions work side by side in a spirit of co-operation for these celebrations.

    Besides important religious holidays celebrated following the lunar calendar, traditional celebrations provide a festive atmosphere. Independence Day brings days of festive activities with school and government holidays. Almost every holiday brings out the green and red national flags criss-crossed over main streets and displayed from private homes. Festivals usually have two types of parades: the usual marching of bands and the parade of children smartly groomed for viewing by all neighbours and sundry spectators.

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