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    The Maldives

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     Start discovering surfing in Maldives including Surfing in Maldives North Male Atolls
    Maldives Surfing - Surfing in Maldives.

    Surfing is the fastest growing water sport in the Maldives with several surf breaks that are documented and well-known to both local and international surfing enthusiasts. The most popular surf even in the Maldives is the annual O'Neill Deep Blue contest which has placed Maldives firmly in the world's surf map.
    Surfing in Maldives - Surfing Season

    The best season to surf in the Maldives is the Southwest Monsoon from April to October. Surfers are most likely to enjoy the biggest swells from June to September. The surf generally ranges in size from3-8 feet.

    Surfing in Maldives - Surf Breaks

    The best known surf breaks are in the North and South Male' Atoll and most surfers stay in resorts close to these breaks. However, cruise operators offer specialized cruises, that give you the opportunity to test some of the best less known surf breaks in the atolls further away from famous surf breaks in North Male Atolls and South Male Atolls'

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