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    Is travel insurance mandatory for Maldives?

    The Maldives

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    Maldives Travel Insurance

    Insuring your trip to Maldives is essential, but it doesn't have to be expensive to purchase Maldives travel insurance cover!

    Travel insurance is not always the first thing on your mind when planning that exciting trip or that once in a lifetime holiday to Maldives but should any unforeseen crisis occur, then you will be so relieved that you have it and so distraught if you don’t. So should you trawl through the myriad of Maldives Travel Insurance brochures or are they pretty much all the same , how much will a maldives travel insurance pacakge cost and is travel insurance mandatory for Maldives?

    Is travel insurance mandatory for Maldives? The simple answer is No, travel insurance is not mandatory to travel to Maldives. If you have a return ticket, booked accommodaiton and enough money to cover your expenses during the holiday, you will get tourist visa on arrival to Maldives. So it is not a requirement have a Maldives travel insurance cover when travelling to Maldives. But, of course it is highly recommended to have travel insurrance cover whereever you travel to. 

    There are usually insurance deals that come with the company that you book your trip or holiday with but you might want to consider that if it’s the same company that you booked with then what happens to your policy if the company goes bankrupt, you might not only loose your holiday but your insurance cover also.

    Policies can be on average about 8 to 10% of the cost of your trip or higher depending on your age and any medical conditions that you may have but as to the necessity of having insurance then it will depend on the trip.

    For short term domestic trips then its probably unnecessary as the cost of flight changes or medical emergencies are relatively small with the average low cost airline charging around ?5 to change a flight or slightly more for an average carrier, but it will not break the bank . Medical emergencies and flight cancellations are the most costly with medical evacuation costs being even higher than it would be for the average upset stomach or toe that you stubbed on the beach and if you have to be airlifted from the middle of some exotic jungle then costs become serious indeed.

    Firstly go to a reputable travel insurance company that has a proven history of service and customer satisfaction and can provide a policy that is tailored to your needs, the ‘Which?website is a good place to begin and can offer some good advice and will give you an idea of what’s best for you but beware of seemingly free travel insurance like credit card or home insurance policies.

    Often credit card travel insurance covers only death and home insurance policies cover a limited range, with loss in some cases being only 10 to 20% of the value of the goods lost or stolen and nothing of the cost of other mishaps that might befall you abroad.

    The main concerns that can ruin what was going to be a wonderful experiences are:

    Medical/Dental coverage: Will your policy adequately cover all bills and does it cover medical evacuation and repatriation to your own country.

    Terrorism/Civil Unrest: If you choose not to fly to a country that suddenly erupts with some sort of conflict but your airline still decides to fly there then usually you will not get a refund as the flight has not been cancelled or altered. Remember acts of terrorism or war can cause delays and cancellations in airports of other countries.

    Luggage: If you are relying on your home insurance to cover your luggage and valuables while abroad, then as mentioned earlier, you may find yourself disappointed as many policies only pay for some things and not others and even then it might be only part of the value of what you have lost. There is no substitute for proper travel insurance.

    Trip cancellation: If your trip gats cancelled or interrupted through factors beyond your control then a good insurance policy will save you from what otherwise would be a disaster .

    Legal issues: Does your policy cover possible criminal or civil issues that may blight your trip and will it pay for legal fees if you find yourself in some exotic jail or courtroom trying to understand what is going on.

    All in all what you must do is decide for yourself what are the risks associated with your trip and what you are prepared to pay for. If it’s just a two week break in a resort then it’s unlikely you will require the same level of cover that an expedition to Mount Everest would require or a years backpacking around the world.
    A good all round policy usually is enough but again if there are going to be unusual hazards then don’t skip on the cost, but in all circumstances and with all policies READ THE SMALL PRINT and above all else enjoy your trip knowing you got it covered.

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